Rat Race | An Immersive Play

Rat Race is a one-act play written, directed, and performed by Daria Kerschenbaum. Sound design and editing by Roma Venkateswaran. I recorded one performance and edited the footage into this film.


It's sometime past midnight in a smoky city bar, not a patron in sight. The year is 1951 in the District of Columbia. Throughout the country, the Red Scare is mounting in strength while sci-fi monsters rampage across cinema screens. What better time to stop on in to the Santa Mira Bar to chase away the loneliness of the evening with a drink?

"Rat Race" by Daria Kerschenbaum and Roma Venkateswaran is an immersive performance for one to three audience members that lasts about half an hour. This free show is a part of their capstone project (SIP) for the Wootton High School Arts and Humanities Signature Program.

Starring Daria Kerschenbaum as Mabel "Mabs" Macon.

This film was shot and edited by Maria Samper.

GoPro Master Shot

Canon T4i Master Shot

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Learning Significance

  1. Filming this video took great preparation. I had to loan a GoPro from a friend and learn how to use its complementary harness to record the POV shots of the film. I also set up my DSLR camera in a corner of the performance space to have a wide-angle shot of the whole performance. I have never before had to record an event in such a fashion, and I found that using the GoPro forced me to make quick and instinctual decisions that challenged my established ideas about doing a project such as this. I think this experience taught me how better to integrate myself into recording events instead of always operating on the sidelines, and I learned how to edit effectively between to master shots of the same event.