For this project, I aimed to appropriate various hallway tracking shots in prominent works of film and video to give the impression of one long, never-ending hallway.


(A few of the movies I appropriated for the project - all of which feature a formidable structure or building in its conceit.)

For my VISA 110 Appropriation project, I created a short video of tracking shots used to film empty hallways in movies, music videos, and TV shows.

I remember walking through my high school - a concrete and stone building built in the 70s - and reveling in those rare moments when I would walk down a long hallway alone. There was some quiet significance I gleaned from walking an expanse that was usually teeming with my peers.

I didn't give much thought to this predilection of mine until my first year at university, when I happened to read an article about Derridean archive theory for my Arts Studies class. I immersed myself in this field of thought that questioned these structures we inhabit and what they reflect about our person and our greater society.

When faced with this project, I was surprised with how organically this idea came to me. I suddenly became very aware of how structure has always interested me - from the empty hallways I used to walk through as a teenager, to my fascination with my father's architectural sketches as a child. I was excited to dive into this interest at a practical level and find those hallway scenes that I was certain proliferated filmmaking, though in a very inconspicuous way.

The final product was reversed as if to show a person walking backward down a hallway. I felt this choice had the effect of demonstrating the absurdity of our presence within these spaces, how arbitrary the relationship is.

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Learning Significance

  1. This project related greatly to my research in my first-year Arts Studies class, as it compelled me to investigate these theoretical concepts in a more practical and cinematic fashion. Ultimately, this was a project for my Visual Arts course, so fittingly I learned much about compiling footage and editing it together in an effective manner.